Your options.

Your Options

As a Clean Power Alliance customer, you now have several choices. Pick the rate plan which is best for you!

See our rates here.

Each member agency will select a default rate option to begin service. Although you will be automatically enrolled based on your community's choice, you will have the ability to change your rate at any time. No matter what offering you choose, you will soon enjoy the shared benefits of Clean Power Alliance including local control, stable rates and higher renewable content.

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Our 36% renewable service.

36% renewable energy that is 3% cheaper than Southern California Edison’s base rates, providing our communities with high renewable content at a lower cost. Customers in Rolling Hills Estates will automatically begin with 36% renewable energy from Clean Power Alliance.

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Our 50% renewable service.

50% renewable energy that costs on average 2-3% less than Southern California Edison’s base rates, offering our communities the opportunity to save money while supporting a cleaner environment. Customers in unincorporated LA County and South Pasadena will automatically begin with 50% renewable energy from Clean Power Alliance.

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Our 100% renewable service.

 100% renewable energy at a price that is at least 5% more affordable than Southern California Edison's 100% renewable green rate, helping our communities reduce their carbon footprint. Customers can choose to support 100% renewable energy through Clean Power Alliance.

Savings estimates are based on 2018 Clean Power Alliance rates relative to SCE rates as of January 2018.


Customers can also choose to remain with Southern California by opting out of Clean Power Alliance. Even though we would be sad to see you go, we are grateful for the opportunity to have provided you with choices for your energy!

Questions? We are here to help! Call us at 888-858-3788 or email us at


Terms and Conditions of Service

Clean Power Alliance electric generation rates are competitive. Available rates can be reviewed at or by contacting Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788. Any changes to Clean Power Alliance rates will be adopted at duly noticed public meetings of the Clean Power Alliance Authority Board of Directors.

Southern California Edison (SCE) also collects from Clean Power Alliance customers authorized charges for delivering power to your home or business and for providing other services. These components of your electric bill are the same whether you buy electricity from Clean Power Alliance or SCE.

Southern California Edison also charges Clean Power Alliance customers a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and a Franchise Fee Surcharge. Both are calculated based on the number of kilowatt hours used each month.

The PCIA is intended to ensure that customers who switch to Clean Power Alliance pay for energy that was acquired by SCE to serve them prior to their switch. The PCIA is currently less than one cent to just under two cents per kilowatt-hour depending on the type of customer. Note that Clean Power Alliance rates are competitive with SCE’s rates, even with these fees.


Each month, Clean Power Alliance customers receive a single monthly bill from SCE, just as they would under SCE bundled service. This bill includes all of the recent electric charges, including Clean Power Alliance’s power generation charges. SCE will continue to charge you for Transmission and Distribution services they provide; this includes the cost of transmitting electricity directly to your home or business. For your convenience, SCE forwards the power generation portion of the bill to Clean Power Alliance.


Effective June 25, 2018, Clean Power Alliance became the default electric power provider for non-residential customers in unincorporated Los Angeles County, Rolling Hills Estates and South Pasadena. You will be automatically enrolled in Clean Power Alliance’s default program on that date.

Care Program

If you are currently enrolled in the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program for low-income customers, you will continue to receive all CARE benefits and discounts upon enrollment in Clean Power Alliance. You will also enjoy additional savings, as CARE customers are not charged the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) charged by SCE to all other customers.

Opt Out

You have the right to opt out without penalty any time. However, if you choose to opt out more than 60 days after your Clean Power Alliance service starts, SCE will charge a one-time account processing fee and you will not have the option to return to Clean Power Alliance for one year. By opting out, you will also be subject to SCE’s then current rates, terms and conditions of service. For details on SCE’s rates, terms and conditions, please visit You will not be charged any fees if you opt out within the first 60 days after your enrollment with Clean Power Alliance or if you cancel electric service altogether (for example, if you move). If you opt out, you will still be charged for all electricity you used before the transfer of electric service. Accounts will be transferred on the day the electric meter is read and cannot be transferred during the middle of a billing cycle. In order for your request to be processed on your next meter read date, your request must be received at least 5 business days prior to the date on which the meter is read. To opt out, please call Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788 or visit Have your electric bill handy so that we can process the request.

Failure To Pay

Clean Power Alliance may transfer your account to SCE upon 14 calendar days’ written notice to you if you fail to pay any portion of the Clean Power Alliance charges on your bill. If your service is transferred, you may be subject to additional requirements by SCE.