Your Options.

How much does it cost?

For the first time, customers have a choice when it comes to their energy through Clean Power Alliance. We currently offer three options, designed to suit the diverse needs of our community:

36% renewable energy that is 3% cheaper than Southern California Edison’s base rates, providing our communities with high renewable content at a lower cost. 

50% renewable energy that costs on average 2 to 3% less than Southern California Edison’s base rates, offering our communities the opportunity to save money while supporting a cleaner environment. 

100% renewable energy at a price that is 5% more affordable than Southern California Edison's 100% renewable green rate, helping our communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Savings estimates are based on 2018 Clean Power Alliance rates relative to SCE rates as of January 2018.


Our Rates.

Click the links below to view our rates and an average bill comparison for Clean Power Alliance commercial customers.